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Valeria Wins CrowFall Campaign 

Congrats to Valeria 

Congrats to Valeria members participating in CrowFall Campaign and winning the most recent Campaign. You all did a wonderful job! 





Crowfall Lead/Founder

Im a nursing student aiming to graduate in 2021 with his second Bachelors Degree. In his spare time he loves keeping in touch with friends and family from different corners of the globe by playing video games.. What started as a way to stay in touch, has grown into a thriving and amazing community of gamers around the globe. Also to answer you question, yes I really do love muffins.



We’re Valeria, a Honour bound house. Our Will brought us together, Our Honour Binds, and Our Pride keeps us fighting. We are a community of gamer's that focus on Conqueror's Blade, and Crowfall, however we also play ArcheAge: unchained, Escape from Tarkov, and many others. We are very friendly and always welcoming to new members and helping them find friends and games to play.

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